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Website 'Not secure'

Is your website marked as 'Not secure'? This decreases visitors' trust towards your business and may affect your sales. Let's find out more:

Website Security

The problem

Google Chrome now labels your website as 'Not secure'. You can find this indication on the address bar, right next to your website address. If you don't see this, most likely you have not updated Chrome in a while, or you are using another browser.

The consequences

Your website visitors will see this indication next to your brand. This may create trust and credibility issues. Furthermore, it may make them less likely to buy, book or contact you from your website. Starting from October 2018, Google Chrome will display a red indication on some occasions, on non-secure websites, like this: website security not secure. Since Chrome is the leading desktop browser by usage (68% global market share), other browsers are likely to mimic this policy.

How to fix this

Your website needs an SSL certificate. After proper installation of the certificate, the indication will be replaced by something like this: website security secure. Yet, it's a bit more complicated than simply buying an SSL certificate.

Let's take a look at the available solutions:

website non secure

The solutions

Solution #1: Thank you, I will fix this by myself

  • Give this information to your support team
  • Like our page on facebook:

Solution #2: Hire us to fix this problem

Website Security Starter Pack

  • We will install an SSL certificate on your website
  • We will redirect old links to the new, secure ones
  • We will let Google know of the change
  • We will manage the transition towards your new website address
  • We will provide you with one month email support regarding this issue

Pricing depends on your business requirements and your website's quantitative data.

Service is paid upfront. Expected delivery is 15 days from cleared payment. In order to complete the service, Vairin will need access to your website's administration panel and filesystem (via FTP).

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